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  • Anchor & Crew Bundle Gift Set Four w/ Salcombe Bracelet - Grey / Oslo
  • Anchor & Crew Bundle Gift Set Four w/ Salcombe Bracelet - Blue / Palermo
  • Anchor & Crew Bundle Gift Set Four w/ Salcombe Bracelet - Red / Adelaide
  • Anchor & Crew Tin, Pouch, Guarantee and Designer Card
  • Anchor & Crew Bundle Gift Set Packaging
  • Anchor & Crew Bundle Gift Set Packaging
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Bundle Gift Set Four w/ Salcombe Bracelet (Various Colours)

CA$253.07 (inc GB tax) CA$210.88 (exc GB tax)

Our Ampersand Guarantee

Realizzato a Mano in Bretagna (100%) Different Colour Themes (See Below) Various Quality Materials (100%)
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Dettaglio Completo del Prodotto

The Bundle Gift Set Four w/ Salcombe Bracelet (Various Colours) is a special edition and has been curated to feature our favourites, In Quality We Trust. This Bundle Gift Set is available in three colour options and each includes three products that were all designed and skilfully handcrafted completely in Great Britain. For the Modern Journeyman (and woman), ANCHOR & CREW takes ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and enjoys the Happy-Good Life. Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, this ANCHOR & CREW Bundle Gift Set features:

ANCHOR & CREW Salcombe Silver & Rope Bracelet:

Choice of: Grey Dash Bracelet / Blue Dash Bracelet / Red Dash Bracelet 

  • Corda in poliestere e nylon di grado di Marine misura 6mm di diametro (GB) 
  • Chiusura a scialuppa di salvataggio, ganci e ancora mini in solido argento sterling .925 (GB)
  • Bracelet measures 21cm total circumference length. Simply slide the latch within the clasp and feed the hook into or out of the toggle
  • Fatto a mano via metodi artigianali
  • Original price: £125.00

ANCHOR & CREW Medium Hardcover Notebook:

Matching Choice of: White Oslo NotebookBlue Palermo Notebook / Red Adelaide Notebook

  • 120 pagine di carta comune 100gsm di colore bianco sporco: prestazione eccellente con piccole quantità di penna stilografica 'piumaggio' e 'trasparenza'. Macinato in Cumbria (GB)
  • Copertina rigida: panno del modello coperto con una copertina fotografica interna (GB)
  • Design theme: See individual notebooks for details (click here)
  • Marcatura a nastro colorata e chiusura con elastico per il taccuino
  • Vincolata a mano via metodi artigianali
  • Original price: £19.00

ANCHOR & CREW Botanical Candle:

Choice of: Forest Scented / Sea Spice Scented / Woodsage Scented

  • 100% natural (and sustainable) soy wax candle with burn time: approx. 40 hours (180g / 180ml) (GB)
  • 100% phthalate-free premium fragrance oils and cotton core wick (GB)
  • Scent Inspiration: See individual candles for details (click here)
  • Scent Notes: See individual candles for details (click here)
  • Presented in an apothecary-inspired amber jar, suitable for re-usage
  • Handpoured via artisan methods
  • Exclusive scent in collaboration with Handmade Candle Co
  • Original price: £12.00


The total original value of all three products individually is £156.00. Special discounted price is only available with this Bundle Gift Set.

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This bundle gift set is covered under a 1-year brand warranty, and care instructions are included within the packaging of every purchase. The guarantee does not cover against damage that has occurred due to maltreatment and normal wear and tear.

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