End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness x Anchor And Crew Silver and Rope Special Edition Charity Bracelet

End Youth Homelessness work to end homelessness on a national scale to give vulnerable young people a future they deserve. Prior to End Youth Homelessness being established, there was no UK-wide organisation for helping such people in their difficult times. A UK-wide network of local charities that have all joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together, End Youth Homelessness provides a national platform to raise awareness, share experience and generate voluntary income.

103,000 young people approached their local authority in 2018 because they were homeless or at serious risk, whereby all the funds that End Youth Homelessness raise helps their charity network to increase each of their independent capacities, services and sustainability in extremely challenging times. As a result, End Youth Homelessness's charities house and support over 30,000 young people facing homelessness. A very serious (and often overlooked) issue, the charity focusses on housing, health, work and prevention to tackle this tragic matter.

Towards the long term, End Youth Homelessness works to provide young people with safe shelters to call home, and from this base, all other barriers can be worked on to overcome. Of equal challenge is healthcare, whereby young people too often have poor physical and mental health. Working towards stabilising young people's lives and educating them in how to live healthily, issues such as suicide can be overcome.

Beyond welfare comes work, whereby End Youth Homelessness provides it's vulnerable young people with career aspirations, no matter how small or large. With skills required in all aspects of life, becoming independent is a major requirement for young people to grow and prosper beyond their troubled backgrounds. Training and employment is as important as helping them to find a place to call home.

With a core focus on helping those already in crisis, End Youth Homelessness also work with families to prevent any of the above from occuring, even if it is simply providing someone a face to talk to. A fantastic charity towards ending youth homelessness, ANCHOR & CREW are proud to support End Youth Homelessness by donating 10% of all profits made from this collection. Comprised of our fan's favourite Cromer silver and rope bracelet, express your style and charitable conscience with a quality accessory, In Quality We Trust.

Anchor And Crew x End Youth Homelessness Special Edition Charity Bracelet Collaboration
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